Heat Treatment Complex

TMK-ARTROM officially commissioning the Heat Treatment Complex 


On February 16th 2018 TMK-ARTROM officially commissioning the Heat Treatment Complex which completed the second phase of the company’s investment program. With this investment, TMK-ARTROM strengthens its market presence with premium pipes for mechanical applications and exploration of oil and gas fields, adding to its investment portfolio another 36 million Euros.

The first stage of the investment program made it possible to achieve two main objectives: 1. TMK RESITA and TMK-ARTROM have become a unique metallurgical complex, operating on the principle of: “from raw material to finished high-tech products”; 2. TMK-ARTROM has reached the top of the European manufacturers of seamless pipes for industrial application.

In the second stage of the investment program, in 2015 we started the production of new type of steel and alloys with higher added value, being launched the production of new Premium pipes for hydraulic and telescopic cylinders. This stage was completed in February 2018 with the official launch of Heat Treatment Complex.

The new heat treatment line allows to perform heat treatment operations of long pipes which is quite rare in Europe. The annual capacity of the new line is over 165 thousand tons of pipes, with heat treatments of quenching and tempering, annealing, normalization, etc for seamless steel pipes with outside diameter between 60 and 254 mm and wall thickness between 5 and 60 mm. The new heat treatment line has a hot straightening machine integrated into the technological flow that solve the problem of permanent tension that occurs when pipes are cold straightening and also requiring an additional treatment for eliminating stress relieving. By using high-tech equipments within the new line, high quality heat treatment, good uniformity and high martensitic transformation are achieved and improved mechanical characteristics. Besides the advantages listed above, the most important being the increase range of quenching and tempering pipes including pipes with wall thickness till 60 mm (quenching sprayer or quenching tank), but also improving the quality of pipes and increasing the productivity, the new Heat Treatment Complex will significant reduce the gas consumption and the impact on the environment.

The design and supply of the equipment was carried out by SMS Group, one of the global leaders in manufacturing equipments for metallurgical industry.


At the event from February 16th 2018 attended representatives of Romanian Government and Parliament, local and central authorities, commercial partners, customers and suppliers, the management of PAO TMK.