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TMK International Forum "Horizons" 2018



TMK International Forum "Horizons" 2018

The first week of October is traditionally associated with the Horizons International Corporate Forum in Sochi. It turned out to be a very busy week: over 70 events, 770 participants, 250 scientific presentations, over 100 winners in the Youth Scientific Technical Conference, over 60 football matches, 27 thematic sections, a digital transformation competition, Best Young Specialist and TOP-Innovator competitions, master classes and meetings with the company’s top management. In the opening the forum, Deputy General Director of TMK and TMK and Sinara Group Board Member Andrei Kaplunov addressed participants with the words: “Take risks, debate, live a full life, get to know each other, interact, be active, prove your position is correct, be leaders and grow in order to advance within our company. You’ve already made at least one good decision, and it wasn’t a mistake – you work at TMK; you work at Sinara Group.”

The Horizons forum hosted its first Digital Transformation Projects competition this year. The Chairman of the TMK and Sinara Group Board of Directors Dmitriy Pumpyanskiy addressed the participants of this year’s Horizons forum with a public lecture on the topic of Transforming Business: Determining Our Future! Mr. Pumpyanskiy feels that not only specific projects should be implemented on the basis of digital technologies, but also that a constant chain of company-wide improvements should be implemented in all spheres of business - from deliveries to work with clients. However, just like modern production can’t function without digital technologies, business transformation can’t happen without involving people. “People control machines, and how they control them, how involved they are in those processes, how involved they are in being the drivers of new systems or in being just their passive participants – that’s what successful business transformation will depend on,” emphasized Mr. Pumpyanskiy.

The joined team of TMK-Artrom and TMK-Resita have represented the European Division of TMK:





Title of the report

  • Constantin Alexandru Liviu


Technical Engineer TMK-ARTROM


Optimizing Pilger Tools for Making Precision Pipes for Hydraulic Cylinders, TMK-ARTROM 

  • Gugu Florin


Technological Engineer WS6 HTP TMK-ARTROM


Heat Treatment Optimization and Quenching Steel Grade 4140 for Pipes with Wall Thickness Between 40÷60mm, TMK-ARTROM 

  • Lungu Mihai Bogdan


Electrical Engineer WS6 HTP TMK-ARTROM


Electrical Maintenance of the Heat Treatment Plant, TMK-ARTROM 

  • Bosioc Toma-Adrian


Quality Engineer TMK-RESITA


The Evolution of the Quality of the Re-sulphurized Steel from TMK-RESITA 

  • Gheju Ion Dan 


Technical Engineer TMK-RESITA


The Practice of Increasing the Microscopic Purity of Steel at TMK-RESITA



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