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Who can forget the first day of school?


Who can forget the first day of school?

Students, parents, grandparents or teachers, in September we all fully live (relive) the thrill of the moment when we first sat behind the school desk.

In September 2018, TMK-Artrom successfully completed a social sustainability project, “A hand and a schoolbag”.

The schoolbag filled with school materials for preparatory and first grade class kids, reached 339 children in 11 schools from Vitomirești, Vulpeni, Tia Mare, Seaca, Gîrcov, Dobrosloveni, Corbu, Curtișoara, Topana, Făgețelu și Giuvărăști.

Surprise, emotion, fear, joy or all together have characterized the first day of school, each child being unique and acting differently when faced with a surprise or when a new stage in his life is open.

It’s a beautiful but sometimes harsh trip for the little students and we all wish them good scholar results, to evolve into reliable members of their community and why not, prominent members of the society.

TMK-Artrom management sees this initiative as the first in a long line. Our desire through this project is to support education in social and economic disadvantaged areas of our county, to relieve some of the financial stress parents have to make at this time of year and to assist them with a minimum of school materials.

Just watch the photos and you’ll experience the same feelings we lived during the time we spent besides them at the start of this new phase in their life.




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