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TMK-ARTROM updated its production facilities


Following the continuously efforts to update its production facilities in order to increase the efficiency and improve the quality as well to increase the share of premium products in its portfolio, during 4th of February - 10th of March 2020, TMK-Artrom performed a complex modernization activity consisting in developing of three capex projects in its  Work-Shop 1 Assel.

The first project developed was the completely re-construction of the rotary furnace used for billets heating in the ASSEL rolling line. A new solution concerning both, materials and re-building technology was used here having the company VESUVIUS GmbH as general supplier. Apart of its modern re-construction, the furnace received a new gas burning system and an upgrade on process automation, all supplied by ELECTRO-TOTAL Bucharest. All this work was done in only 5 weeks, a very quick process for such kind of project. 

Reconstruction and modernization of this furnace will eliminate the lags in billets heating and will increase the efficiency of the furnace by 20%  due to reduction of gas consumption.

Another important project in parallel with the rotary furnace was the replacement in the finishing line of the old machines for ends cropping. Two New cutting machines  RingSaw® Model CSM105 produced by Reika GmbH &Co KG, Germany were installed in the same 5 week’s time and integrated with the finishing flow of the tubes.

These new cutting machines covers the actual extension in size range achieved by WS1 ASSEL and entire its actual capacity as well will be able to cover the possible new Outside diameter extension of the ASSEL Mill  possible in the next years. The finishing line is now capable to receive pipes with Outside diameter from 60 mm to 273,3 mm and Wall Thickness from 4 mm to 60 mm.

This new cutting complex will allow all production to be cut in line and eliminate the narrow place of the old lines (with lower capacity than the mill) when significant quantities of pipes were cut off-line on various other saws with significant handling efforts and costs. 

The new machines are using Rotary sawing head with 360° orbital rotations fitted with special carbide ring saw tools able to cut high strength tubes (up to 1200 N/mm2 ) being able to process different high premium grades manufactured by the new heat treatment line commissioned in 2018.  

The cutting process is complete automatic requesting minimal intervention from the operators with multiple cutting options.

The third project: the rolling line of WS1 ASSEL has received as well an important improvement in the exit part of piercing mill, which will allow increasing of rolling lengths for a significant number of sizes, following market’s request who demand longer lengths in heavy wall pipes.

To be mentioned that in order to take the full benefit of the new heat treatment plant as well to ensure a high quality level for all sensitive uses of our tubes, in January 2020 was done the down payment for a new Ultrasonic Testing machine using phase-array technique to cover the needed complex testing programs in our Premium product mix.

The entire works done it is aligned with the TMK-ARTROM’s development policy directed to increase the Premiumization and Flexibility of its mechanical pipes facilities. The duration of the entire works was 5 weeks and has a total value of about 6 million Euro as part of 2019/2020 Capex program.




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