TMK Youth Conference, October 2015

Romanian team in Sochi

In early October 2015 the TMK Vacation hotel in Sochi hosted the 11th TMK Youth Conference of Science and Practice. Young representatives if TMK from over the world have made 179 presentations in 13 sections including pipe-rolling, steel melting, mechanics, welding and seamless production, IT, financial management, marketing, etc.

Seven participants from Romanian TMK mills have joined the international youth for three days of hard work and recreational activities. It is third year when Romanian young specialists present their topics in frames of the TMK Youth Conference.  But this year two of them - Stefan Marius and Fluturel Mihai – came home with the prizes for the 2nd and 3rd places.

The topics of Romanian presentations have been appraised by the Jury of Experts, including the representatives of top management. The experts have been impressed by demonstrated dedication and interest, professionalism and courage of young TMK people. It is essential in their opinion that young specialist can meet and communicate, share experiences, improve and grow together with their company. 


2nd Prize

Participant: Fluturel Mihai, Coordinator Engineer TMK-ATROM

Project manager: Gheorghe Nicolae – TMK-ARTROM

Section: Mechanics

Topic: The reliability of pipe transport mechanisms of CPE pipe mill with the aim to improve exterior quality of pipe

Short description:   The market demands products with better outer surface quality, especially in ranges of boiler tubes and tubes for automotive industry.

Analysis have demonstrated the need to improve the rolled pipe transport system in order to reduce outer surface tube defects and optimize costs, including improvements to the material and shape of :

           Rolls in delivery roller table system (with heat treatment applied to the surface of the rolls) and

           Tube droppers mechanism.

As the outcome of the improvement the mill recorded costs and down time reduction, diminution of outer surface defects.



3rd Prize

Participant: Stefan Marius – IT Software Developer; TMK-ARTROM

Project manager: Pietris Marius – Head of IT Software/Vlas Daniel – Head of IT  Department

Section: Security

Topic: Scrap Monitoring Module in TMK-RESITA

Short description: The scrap is the most important cost in TMK-RESITA mill. Thus therefore a strict monitoring system has been implemented both for precision and for security reasons.

The monitoring system is built on controlling and supervising of scrap on each stage while increasing or decreasing of stock inside the mill. It applies automatically controlled instruments, operates electronic databases and reduces to minimum human factor intervention.

The Scrap Monitoring Module is operational since December 2014.


Participant: Curaciuc Cosmin, Technical Service Engineer  TMK-RESITA

Project manager: Szekely Zoltan - TMK-RESITA

Section: Steel production

Topic: Use of HBI in metallic charge at TMK-RESITA Romania

Short description: For steel makers it is important to know and control the content of residual elements in metal bath (Cr, Ni, Cu, Mo ,S) as they influence the quality and types of steel production. The data on evolution of copper content in regular scrap in Romania over the past 30 years suggest that it becomes more difficult to control the quality of regular scrap.

Since 2006 TMK-RESITA tested different materials for dilution of Copper, including, pig iron, scrap from automotive industry, shipyard construction, skull from old slag dumps and HBI.

HBI forms a part of continuous quality improvement of pipes produced from TMK-RESITA billets.



Participant: Iamandache Florin; Junior Engineer, TMK-ARTROM

Project manager: Neamtu Alexandru

Section: New product types and properties

Topic: Skived and roller burnished pipes for hydraulic cylinders in the new WS No5 - development, assimilation and improving technology

Short description: For many years TMK-ARTROM remains important producer of precision products suitable for skiving and roller burnishing tubes used for hydraulic cylinders production.

In 2015 TMK-ARTROM installed a new production facility – ACH – where the cold drawn tubes are being skived and roller burnished thus become ready to be used for hydraulic cylinders barrels.

Skiving and Roller Burnishing (SRB) equipment processes metal surfaces to achieve the highest surface finish tolerances and increases the added value of the tubes. It is used primarily to achieve extreme roundness and surface-finish requirements in hydraulic-cylinder applications.

One-pass process uses two methods in conjunction with each other. A group of skiving knives remove material from the inside surface of an existing bore, and rollers pass on the same tool to cold¬work the metal surface and create a mirror-finish.

It is suitable for hydraulics because the process can be effectively controlled, achieving desired tolerances and maintaining a clean machining.

Skive and roller burnish tube is a type of product developed in order to be closer to hydraulic cylinders producers.



Participant: Fasie Alex-Danut, Shift supervisor EAF CCM TMK-RESITA

Project manager: Dr. Ing. Ioan Romulus

Section: Elaboration of steel

Topic: Foamy slag practice at TMK-RESITA, ROMANIA

Short description: Foamy slag practice was developed in correlation with efforts to improve the use of electric energy, to reduce electrode consumption.

Working with high secondary voltages which means long arc and low currents, leads to the idea that since the quantity of the slag present at a given time in the furnace should remain at a technological minimum, a way to cover the arc is to foam it. Many modernizations are related with foaming technique efficiency, including high melting speed and efficiency boosts, low specific consumption (kW/t), charge time reduction, reduction of erosion refractory to maximum power and the effective use of the springs.



Participant: Bogdan Geana – Software Developer  TMK-ARTROM

Project manager: Pietris Marius – Head of IT Software/Vlas Daniel – Head of IT  Department

Section: IT Software

Topic: The system of approving the suppliers in IT System of TMK-ARTROM

Short description: The procedure sets out the evaluation and selection of the suppliers based on quality of products acquired only for production capacities of TMK-ARTROM.

Authorized departments, through applications created by IT Software are able to maintain the data on suppliers in the system. A supplier may be approved in one or more categories of products.

The IT system of approval procedure of Suppliers is operational since 2013.